Can’t sleep at night due to a “Wandering Mind”?

Brain imaging study reveals the wandering mind behind insomnia Aug. 30, 2013 — new brain imaging study may help explain why people with insomnia often complain that they struggle to concentrate during the… Continue reading

Autism and Neurofeedback – December 2014

 Research Published 2014 Dec – Neuromodulation integrating rTMS and neurofeedback for the treatment of autism spectrum disorder: an exploratory study Abstract Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a pervasive developmental disorder characterized by… Continue reading

Autism and Neurofeedback – August 7th 2014

Research published on  2014 Aug 7 Neurorehabilitation of social dysfunctions: a model-based neurofeedback approach for low and high-functioning autism Abstract Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is an increasingly prevalent condition with core deficits in… Continue reading

Autism and Neurofeedback Therapy – March 6th 2015

Research Published 2015 Mar 6 – Anterior insular cortex regulation in autism spectrum disorders. Abstract Autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) comprise a heterogeneous set of neurodevelopmental disorders characterized by dramatic impairments of interpersonal… Continue reading

Autism and Neurofeedback Therapy –

Thus, these Neurofeedback (NFT) paradigms improve aspects of behavior necessary for successful social interactions.

Sleep Disorders and Sleeping Problems

Symptoms, Treatment and Help for Common Sleep Disorders Most of us have experienced trouble sleeping at one time or another. This is normal and usually temporary, due to stress or other outside factors.… Continue reading

Wired for victory

Can a bunch of electrodes and a computer screen help you swim faster, sink your putts, and swish your free throws? By D.T. Max A quiet mind is a winning mind. With neurofeed-back,… Continue reading

The role of sleep in ADHD

Possibilities for prevention of ADHD? Arns M.  Abstract  BACKGROUND: Personalized medicine aims to provide the right treatment for the right person at the right time, as opposed to the currently employed ‘one-size-fits-all ‘… Continue reading

Sports Stars Who Use NeuroFeedback to Improve their Game

Chris Kaman Reveals Childhood Misdiagnosis on ESPN’s “Outside the Lines” January 15, 2008 On Sunday, January 13th Clippers’ center Chris Kaman revealed on ESPN’s “Outside the Lines” that as a child he was… Continue reading

If you want to be Thinner – Sleep More!

Sleep deprivation increases food purchasing the next day Sep. 5, 2013 — People who were deprived of one night’s sleep purchased more calories and grams of food in a mock supermarket on the… Continue reading

Arthritis pain, lost sleep may lead to depression, disability

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – Having sleep problems in addition to osteoarthritis may lead to greater disability over time, according to a new study. “If your pain is keeping you awake today, you’re… Continue reading