Explanations for Forgetting – Reasons why we Forget

What are some of the major reasons why we forget information? One of today’s best known memory researchers, Elizabeth Loftus, has identified four major reasons why people forget: retrieval failure, interference, failure to… Continue reading

11 Great Ways to Improve Your Memory Research-Proven Techniques That Really Work

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Forgetting : When Memory Fails

From forgetting where you left your keys to forgetting to return a phone call, memory failures are an almost daily occurrence. Forgetting is so common that we typically rely on numerous methods to… Continue reading

ADHD? UK children less likely to be diagnosed with ADHD than US children

However, the same study, led by the University of Exeter Medical School, suggests that autism diagnosis is still rising. The study is published online in the Journal of Autism Developmental Disorders, published by Springer,… Continue reading

Exercise is no quick cure for insomnia

                            Exercise is a common prescription for insomnia. But hitting the treadmill one day won’t translate into better sleep that… Continue reading

Sleep: A Dynamic Activity

Until the 1950s, most people thought of sleep as a passive, dormant part of our daily lives. We now know that our brains are very active during sleep. Moreover, sleep affects our daily… Continue reading

Kids’ sleep patterns affected by electronic media time and media presence in the bedroom

                        July 25, 2013 — Children’s sleep disruption is worse with increased time spent watching TV or playing on the computer, finds… Continue reading

Sleep Cycles – From Wikipedia

Sleep cycles, REM indicated in red. Sleep progresses in a cyclical fashion through five stages. Four of these stages are collectively referred to asnon-rapid eye movement (NREM) sleep whereas the last cycle is… Continue reading

2013 bedroom poll explores sleep differences

The National Sleep Foundation (NSF) released is first international poll today, the 2013 International Bedroom Poll, comparing sleep times, attitudes, habits and bedtime routines of those in the United States, Canada, Mexico, the… Continue reading

More Reason To Sleep On It: Sorting Out The Brain’s ‘Inbox’

                Imagine you’re cleaning off your desk. You sort some papers into folders with the relevant labels. Others you red-tag as “urgent” or yellow-tag as “semi-urgent.”… Continue reading