Male depression ‘set to increase’

Psychiatrists have warned that the number of men with depression could rise because of changes in Western society. An article in the British Journal of Psychiatry suggests economic and social changes will erode… Continue reading

Post-natal depression in fathers ‘often undiagnosed’

By Michelle Roberts  Health reporter, BBC News Many new fathers experience post-natal depression, yet most cases go undetected and untreated, experts warn. One in 10 new fathers may have the baby blues, US… Continue reading

Understanding Neurofeedback – Part One

Dr. Diana L Walcutt Health Guide July 02, 2008 Many of us know of a child who is on medication for Attention Deficit Disorder, or an adult who suffers from migraines, anxiety, PTSD, depression, addictions,… Continue reading

Combined chronic alcohol and marijuana use during youth can compromise white-matter integrity

Chronic alcohol and marijuana during youth is associated with worsened neurocognitive abilities into later adolescence and adulthood. his may be due to biological and psychosocial transitions occurring during adolescence that impart increased vulnerability… Continue reading

Adolescent Binge Drinking May Compromise The Brain’s White Matter, Necessary For Information Relay

White matter integrity is essential for the efficient relay of information within the brain. Researchers have examined white matter integrity among adolescent binge drinkers. Findings show that adolescents with histories of binge drinking… Continue reading

ADHD? Omega-3 reduces ADHD symptoms

ADHD? Omega-3 reduces ADHD symptoms in rats – A new multidisciplinary study shows a clear connection between the intake of omega-3 fatty acids and a decline in ADHD symptoms in rats. Researchers at… Continue reading

Drug blocks light sensors in eye that may trigger migraine attacks.

For many migraine sufferers, bright lights are a surefire way to exacerbate their headaches. And for some night-shift workers, just a stroll through a brightly lit parking lot during the morning commute home… Continue reading

7 Steps to Better Sleep

The College of Family Physicians of Canada reports that 30-40% of adults have some amount of sleeplessness in any given year. If you’re one of them or simply want to get more zzz’s… Continue reading

Secret salaries hurt worker performance, increase top-talent turnover

Pay secrecy might also hurt your work performance and prompt top talent to look for new jobs. If salaries in your workplace are secret, there’s more at stake than the frustration of thinking… Continue reading

Anger Can Set Off a Heart Attack

 In the two hours after an outburst of anger, the relative risk of angina and heart attack increased by nearly five times Angry enough to have a heart attack? It might actually happen. A… Continue reading